Fall & Winter Programs for 2015-2016

1Rev After-School Club:

Tuesdays 3:00-5:00. Meeting at Ives Park, Pick-up available for all SunRidge and Sebastopol Charter families. Grades 1-8. Cost $15 per session.

Thursdays 1-5. Meeting at Ives Park, Pick-up available for all SunRidge and Sebastopol Charter families. Grades 1st-8th grades.  Cost $25 per session.

The 1Rev After-School Club is an experiential, multi-age gathering highlighted by opportunity for connection with other local youth, the natural world, and the local community through adventure, arts, and exploration. We emphasize each participant “being seen” and the emotional and physical safety of the group. Participants will experience a blend of whole group outings (beach, forest, river, etc.) with smaller group, 3-4 week inquiry blocks. 

Starting Thursday October 1st and Tuesday October 6th.


Connecting in Nature Adventure Program

This is our signature school-year offering and a great way for youth to ground themselves in connection with nature, self, and a group of peers. Each session participants will explore a local wild spot as they immerse in primitive skills, adventure, and nature awareness games and routines. Always a highlight, the program culminates with an overnight experience. Groups of 8-10 youth are same gender and split by age (roughly grades 3-5 and 6-8)

Separate Boys and Girls Groups, 3-5th Grade, Saturdays 9-4: October 24th, November 14th, December 12, and January 15th/16th (Overnight)

Separate Boys and Girls Groups, 6th-8th Grade, Sundays 9-4: October 25th, November 15th, December 13th,, and January 16th/17th (Overnight)

Cost: $250

2-Wheels, 1Revolution

This is for anyone who loves the feeling of being on a bicycle. We will build friendships and endurance as we ride the roads and trails of West County. We will spend a day doing a backroads road ride and one day riding off-road with at Willow Creek SP. Our third session will include an overnight campout and bike at China Camp SP. We will help all interested participants secure a suitable bicycle for the program but the cost of which is not included in the program fee.

Co-ed, 4th-8th Grade, Meeting 9-4 November 8th, and November 21st and December 4th/5th (Overnight) 

Cost: $225 

Skate or Skill

This program is an exciting blend of urban activity, team building, and connection with nature. Inspired by 1Rev guide and local skating guru Alex Warner, Skate or Skill offers skatepark and street skating in varied environments, nature connection hand-work/project time, and group team-building challenges. Open to newer and more experienced skaters alike. Participants will gain confidence in their skating, a greater appreciation for nature, and new friendships. 

Co-Ed, Grades 3-8, Meeting 9-4 October 17th, November 7th, and November 21st

Cost: $200

New Year’s 2016: Backcountry Ski Trip

This Tahoe-based exploration is your chance to learn how to cross country ski or snowshoe and build and stay in a snow shelter. We will camp, share the work and joy of living in the snow, and have lots of really good time with each other.  

Grades 5-8, December 31st- January 2nd

Cost $200