1Revolution's Custom Programs

We would love to extend our experiential program models,  curriculum, and guide expertise to your school or organization.  Whether you are looking for an additional support system for your child, a 1-day team-building event, a 7-day Class Trip, or a holistic year-round culture-building program, 1Rev would be honored to co-create an experiential program that meets your budget and desired outcomes. 

Some of our custom programming options include:

  • 1 on 1 Individual Mentoring
  • Class Trip Programs 
  • School or Organization Culture Building

 (Have something else in mind? Please send Paul an email and he will be happy to help you articulate a vision for your goals for your students and your school or organization.)

1 on 1 & Small Group Mentoring

Whether your child is meeting a tough spot in the developmental road, experiencing difficulty with life transitions, or simply desirous of deeper relationship with the natural world and a positive role model, 1Revolution is happy to offer our guides in service to your family.  Through an initial conversation and 2-hour exploration, we will co-create an experiential, nature-centered mentoring program that meets your child’s natural curiosity and suits your family’s best sense of what is needed.

Cost: $20-50 per hour, sliding scale.

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Class Trips

Dreaming of a field or class trip that will take your students learning and development to new levels? We are excited to extend our youth programming experience to your school or classroom. We emphasize safety, inclusivity, and fun. Potential themes we might support include, but are not limited to:  team-building, conflict resolution, leadership development, and rites of passage promotion. We are able to provide safe, life-changing opportunities at very affordable rates.  

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Culture Building

1Revolution understands that it is important for schools, classrooms, or other groups to grow and live a shared set of principles and values. Youth have a variety of options competing for their attention in our society. Absent models for healthy and sustainable ways of being they will likely rely on those offered by popular culture and media. We are excited to help you frame that conversation with your students so that they become integral to the process of creating a healthy and sustainable life of their choosing--a life that includes empathy, kindness, inclusivity, and risk-taking.  Please contact us if you are looking for ways to build a positive peer culture in your classroom or school. 

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